Volufiline for Bigger Breasts

Volufiline a Common Ingredient Found in Many Breast Creams

When I used to think of breast creams, I used to think of a magical potion.

I realize magic potions don’t exist, so how do breast creams work?

Most women “myself included” will go out and buy a breast cream not knowing anything about it, other than it is supposed to make your breasts bigger.

Yes, a breast cream can enhance your breasts, the question is how?

There is actually some clinical and scientific reasons on how breast creams work.

I have spent hours doing a lot of research on different ways to make my breast bigger and one main ingredient that always comes up is Volufiline.

Unlike many ingredients in bust lift creams, Volufiline is one that has been studied extensively, it’s effect on making a woman’s breasts bigger has been nothing but positive.

What is Volufiline?

Volufiline™ is an extract that comes from the sarsapogenin plant (sarsaparilla), yes, this is the same extract used to create the traditional soft drink over a century ago.

Sarsaparilla is a climbing vine found in subtropical regions.

Sarsaparilla has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes to treat skin disorders, inflammatory problems, and impotence.  However, over recent years a company by the name of Sederma filed for a patent.

Sederma is a company dedicated to making active ingredients for the cosmetic industry and one of those is Volufiline.

The only company that has a similar patent is L’Oréal which holds several patents on sapogenins but these are not specific to Volufiline which is held by Sederma.

What Volufiline™ does?

In simple terms, Volufiline stimulates lipogenesis (fatty tissue) this is a process where the body processes triglycerides from glucose and other substrates.

During puberty young girls create high levels of estrogen, during that period (3-4 years) is when breast development happens. The breasts contain ligaments and lobes that are separated by fat tissue.

The size of the breasts is dependant on the amount of adipose tissue which makes up about 50% of the breast volume. The mammary glands themselves consist of the other 50%.

The outer layer of skin can shrink due to lower hormone levels and weight loss. Using Volufiline can stimulate fatty tissue which makes the breasts bigger and fuller.

Sederma did a lot fo scientific research and found that applying Volufiline to the breasts had a positive effect on increasing breast size.

Not only could it make the breasts bigger, but it also helped make the breasts, fuller, shapelier and could even reduce symptoms of sagging breasts.

The study

One single-blind study involved 32 subjects of which 30 completed the study.

After 56 days only 28 of the women were able to be evaluated.

The study required that the women be between the age of 18-35 with small breasts (cup size of 90A 80-85B) along with stable body weight for a period of 3 months.

The women were given a dose of 5% Volufiline applied every day for 56 days.

The treatment was applied to only one breast and the results were the following:

  • After 28 days the treated side increased by 1.4% vs untreated -0.1%
  • After 56 days treated side increased by 2.2% vs untreated 0.09%

The best response from the treatment was an increase of 6.6% after 28 days and 8.4% after 56 days.

I should also note that in spite of the fact that the average treated size showed an increase of 2.2% this suggests that using Volufiline longer would make the breasts even bigger.

So, as you can see the study does offer solid clinical data supporting the benefits of using Volufiline for breast enlargement but this is still not enough evidence to convince a lot of women.

I have been a skeptic myself because what works for some women may not be as effective for others.

What we do know is that in a worse case sceneario most women will see at least a 2% increase in breast size.

My personal results

One of the biggest questions to answer is how effective will Volufiline be for you, a lot depends on your lifestyle and your bodies sensitivity to Volufiline.

In my case I was able to achieve a little over one cup size bigger, the secondary benefits were fuller and firmer breasts.

Certain things can reduce the effect of using Volufiline such as extremely low estrogen levels, smoking and excess amounts of caffeine can all prevent you from getting the best results.

Should you use Volufiline?

A lot depends on your expectations, for many women a full cup size bigger would be a significant gain, however, there are things that should be taken into consideration.

You should expect at least a full three months of using any breast enhancement cream that contains Volufiline, using it for a longer period should yield even better results, I always recommend a minimum of three months and for best results 4-6 months.

Most breast creams require you to apply the cream twice a day.

Some creams contain parabens which may be something you may want to take into consideration.

You only maintain about 80%- 85% of your gains, after you discontinue use. Those gains will last anywhere between 8-10 months, after that, you may want to apply a maintenance applications 1-2 times a week (which is what I do).

Breast creams that have Volufiline™

One question many of you will have is what breast cream should you use.

I have used two different brands, one less popular brand I have used and continue to do so is Vollure, it is inexpensive and contains a generous amount of sarasapogening, the other thing I like about it is that it does not contain harsh chemicals or parabens.

My second choice is Total Curve, it contains Volufiline and includes a dietary supplement which might be a better option for women who feel they have lower estrogen levels.


Volufiline™ is one of the few ingredients you will find in many popular breast creams that actually have clinical proof that it does have a positive effect on increasing fatty tissue within the breasts.

If you have been wanting to experiment around with a breast cream you should go for it, just look for one that contains concentrated amounts of Volufiline and you too can make your breasts bigger.

I should also mention that not all creams will list Volufiline™ as the ingredient, anything that says sarsapogenin or Volufiline™ are the same thing.


Volufiline™ Study

Hi My name is Cristine Frula and I'm the author of this blog. My mission is to share my knowledge and help other women learn more about safe breast enlargement methods so they can improve the apperance of their breasts and make them bigger.

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